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Accessibility for people with special needs

DEWA’s website provides a number of features that help users, especially those with special needs, get information and services easily. This supports our commitment to the happiness and satisfaction of all customers, and our efforts to make it easier to get the information and services. These features include:

Reading texts

This website has a text-to-speech feature to help users with visual imparity, or those who find it difficult to read texts on the screen. To turn this feature on, click on Accessibility in the top menu and then on ReadSpeaker. You can also highlight the part you want to listen to, and the speaker symbol will appear next to it.

Changing text size 

You can increase or decrease the text size by clicking on Accessibility in the top menu and then on the (A) symbol. Alternatively, you can adjust the text size setting of your browser.

Alternative text for images

Every image on DEWA’s website is tagged with appropriate description (Alt Txt). Position the mouse over the image to read its description.

Changing colours 

If you find difficulty in reading certain texts in the given background colour combinations, you can change the background colours by clicking on Accessibility in the top menu and then on Contrast Switch.

Zoom feature

You can use the zoom option from your browser to enlarge the page.

Smart Devices

You can access our website using smart devices and phones. The website is automatically resized for best display.

Smart App

You can download DEWA’s smart applications from this page.

PDF files

To view pdf files, you need to download free Adobe Acrobat Reader.