The 4th edition of the Gas & Technology Showcase and Conference “GOTECH 2023” kicked off with an immense global participation, under the slogan “Sustainable transformation of Energy (Technology…Innovation…Finance)” in the gas and oil sector

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer stated that the wise leadership of the UAE is committed to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

Dubai, United Arab Emirate, 13 March 2023: With the presence of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy “DSCE”, and His Excellency, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Vice Chairman of DSCE and Chairman of Dragon Oil, the 4th edition of the Gas & Technology Showcase and Conference “GOTECH” began today morning. The event is being held from the 13th- to the 15th of March, 2023, in Dubai World Trade Centre, under the slogan “Sustainable transformation of Energy (Technology … Innovation … Finance)” in the oil and gas sector, and is organized by Dragon Oil, the oil exploration & production platform entirely owned by Dubai Government.

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer stated in his keynote that he delivered in the inauguration of the event that the UAE believes in the significance of diversifying the energy system with a greater focus on renewable energy sources to meet the future growth, with gas considered a long-term transformational element required as a complementary energy component with lower emissions, while the demand for oil is a response to both stakeholders and Petrochemical industry sector, in addition to manufacturing products with low emissions rates, and that the wise leadership of the UAE is committed to achieve Net Zero by 2050, and the UAE continues its successful path with confidence, as solar energy and nuclear energy contribute to the energy mix.

“The UAE was the first country in the MENA region to launch the strategic initiative, which to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, and we are working in Dubai to enhance leadership in the areas of sustainability, innovation and future-making in all our projects and initiatives to achieve the goals of the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and the Carbon Neutrality Strategy 2050 for Dubai to provide 100 % of clean energy by 2050 “, HE Al Tayer noted

“We are proud that the UAE will host the biggest world event in the climate actions,    which is the twenty-eighth session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change “COP 28”, will be held at Expo 2020 Dubai City this year. This session will complete, by strengthening work with all parties and partners, the building on the results and outputs of previous sessions “, HE Al Tayer added.

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer thanked all the participants and contributors to this session of the event, calling on everyone to enhance cooperation, innovation and sustainability, and work to build a stronger, more flexible and sustainable industry that meets the needs of all concerned parties.  This will contribute to a better future for all, as well as working together to pave the way towards a sustainable future, using innovative technological solutions to raise efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint, and ensuring that the oil and gas industry is ready to meet the challenges facing it.

Eng. Ali Rashed Al Jarwan, Dragon Oil CEO, said in his speech on the first day of the event that “GOTECH 2023” forms a significant platform for bringing the exhibitors and visitors to meet experts, specialists, decision makers, and investors in this vital sector, with the aim of exploring the newest solutions and innovative technologies, and shaping the future of the sector, a fact the demonstrates the significance of the Showcase and its concomitant Conference.

Al Jarwan indicated that the event basically aims to establish a clear picture of the status quo of the sector, and to contribute to the steering of its growth. “The event will witness important technical discussions, with speakers from all over the world, including representatives from governments, leaders of the oil and gas industry, professional, researchers, as well as service companies, with the aim of communication regarding current situation of the industry, and sharing the points of view regarding the challenges that oil and gas markets face and how to tackle the same, and how to delineate the path of the industry for the near future”, Al Jarwan added.

“The technical program of the event comprises fruitful researches, which suggests meaningful theses on the latest technologies and mainstream trends in the oil and gas sector, with a focus upon the dissemination of knowledge and innovation, through harnessing the best operational practices and substitutional technologies, with the aim of strengthening the efficiency and productivity in the fossil fuel sector”, Al Jarwan clarified.

Al Jarwan expressed his hope that the Showcase and Conference will achieve the best possible results and will pave the way for innovations in oil and gas sector. He also called upon the participants to benefit from this opportunity to establish communication, discussion, and experience sharing to bring benefits for all, as the Conference offers an opportunity for learning and co-operation, trough holding a number of workshops, forums, and training sessions, while the Showcase will highlight the latest technologies in this industry from all over the world.

The Conference offers an opportunity for learning and co-operation through holding a number of workshops, forums & training courses, while the Showcase will feature the latest technologies in this industry from all over the world, as it will include more than 50 technical sittings to share knowledge and best insights. 300 high quality interactive technical papers in different relevant issues will be discussed via seminars, as the leaders of industry will express their opinions on the future of oil and gas industry, as well as the participation of many industry leaders to speak about their outlooks regarding the future of industry, through reviewing many publications & papers on research and development.

“GOTECH 2023” will address significant issues this year, such as subsurface technologies, drilling and completions technologies, surface engineering,   excellence in operations, through more than 100 presentations on the spreading of the best practices, the role of innovation and the handling of futuristic challenges. Meanwhile, more than 50 exhibitors will participate in the Showcase, which belongs to the Conference, as they will offer a wide range of existing & futuristic technologies, as well as presentations and interactive screens, which will offer the visitors an attractive experience to discover the latest technologies.

The schedule of the event

The first day of “GOTECH 2023” witnessed a key session in which His Excellency Ahmed Butti Al Muhairbi, Secretary General of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, Eng. Ali Rashid Al Jarwan, CEO of Dragon Oil, Darcy Spadi, Managing Partner of Carbon Connect International, Song Yu, CEO of UEG, Mrs. Marilyn Smith, Executive Director of the Intermediate Energy Action Project.

The first day  of the event also comprised about 17 discussion sessions on the role of human factors in process safety and best practices in the oil and gas industry, and benefiting from modern technologies and artificial intelligence in the oil and gas industry.

will include the Integrated Digital Oilfields Exhibition Trade Fair and – new for this year – introduce a centre of excellence concept alongside 50 technical sessions, as well as special sittings on the human capabilities, market demand, and adopted mechanisms to establish a successful business system.

About Dragon Oil:

Dragon Oil was established in 1971, and it acts in the processes of oil and gas exploration, prospection, development and production. It is a governmental company owned by Dubai Government. The operational processes of Dragon Oil extend across Turkmenistan, Iraq & Egypt.